Thu Rein Tun – Coach, BizDev, Operation Manager

Thu Rein Tun is an IT Consultant at HP with 12+ years of experiences.

He did export/import business with Myanmar and has been involved in  workshop as Coach and one of the founding member of HUMBLE LAB, focus mainly on Business process and operation management.

He was involved, in pro bono skilled based volunteering activities such as Social Innovation Relay Singapore (a global program that trains students, entrepreneurs and small business owners to apply IT and business skill in terms of competition), which he volunteered as Judge in 2013 and Co-organizer as in 2014.

He is currently mentoring/advising some Singapore Startups/Startup wanna be, in order to transform their business idea into reality as part of volunteering platform MicroMentor.

He held numerous achievements including CIO Excellence award for innovation in 2013, not to mention, double degrees (Computing (UK) and English (Myanmar)) and Master degree (Computer Integrated
Manufacturing (Singapore)).