Founders’ life , a.k.a , the founding team PART I

Like any startup company, we are going through what all other founding teams have been facing for building a successful and scalable business.

With the trust and support by our key partners in Myanmar, we were asked to start up workshops which would engage value for Entrepreneurs and their followers. We were responsible for facilitating experienced SME Owners, MBA Students and Professional Executives to learn from each other and find solutions for their businesses collaboratively while coaching them at the same time to use the Business Model Canvas as a strategic tool in the workshop.

Yes, we facilitate Business Model Canvas (invented by Alex OsterWalder in our workshop, so far 3 workshops in Yangon, Myanmar and 4 workshops in Singapore, with catering to the local flavor (Myanmar Economy).

Here is a brief 2 minutes video about BMC.



This is really challenging work and even adding more pressure on us as we have to be well versed with the tools, techniques we are talking about and the real world business cases as well.

That is the reason that one of our main strategy is Workshop for Workshop , Start Up for Star Up, in other words, what we coach in our workshop are the techniques, models that we adopt, use in our start up.


And here is BMC model of our workshop and I will leave explanation to the readers as a thought provoker.




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